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4713 B14

People have asked for the ability to randomize the TCP/UDP listen ports used by Vuze when it starts. You can now enable this functionality, specify the port range you want to be used and whether or not you want to use the same random port for both protocols:

One of the top voted on ideas is to have more search templates by default. We’ve added 3 new defaults templates:  ClearBits, Internet Archive, and Legit Torrents. 

User idea for F2 keyboard shortcut for renaming has been implemented, not only for  renaming the display name of the torrent, but also for quick renaming of files within the torrent.

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4713 B13

Simple access to a file’s extension has been requested - a new optional column has been added to the various library views - it shows the extension of the ‘primary file’ for a multi-file download, expand the files to see the individual extensions if required.

The ability to see an individual file’s CRC and MD5 hash values has been requested by this idea. You will need to be in advanced mode to see these columns in the column-setup wizard. The hashes are calculated on demand, not automatically. Hash calculation can take quite a bit of CPU and file IO, you probably don’t want this automatically kicking in while using ‘play now’ to watch something… To calculate the hashes for multiple files in one go multi-select the files (or CTRL+A) and then right-click and select the ‘calculate hash’ option.

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4713 B12

When you’re downloading you probably don’t want your computer falling asleep - this idea (this is something that’s been on ‘the list’ for a while too) discusses the possibility of preventing this from happening.

On Windows there is a new configuration option:

to control this. There are two levels of control - firstly you can prevent complete while a download is in process. Secondly you can prevent sleep while you have seeding downloads that meet the ‘first priority’ criteria ( see the wiki for details )

As always report issues via our forums or drop into our IRC channel #azureus on (or use their webchat)

Sep 2

4713 B11

An absolute ETA display format has been added as suggested in this idea.

Right-click on the ‘Progress’ or ‘ETA’ headings in a Library view to access this option:

When selected the ETA is shown as a time in the day (e.g. 12:23) as opposed to the amount of time remaining (e.g. 1h 2m).

This idea asks for more control over the protocols enabled for communicating with trackers. There are two main sources for peers - trackers and the DHT (on top of this there’s peer-exchange, LAN peer discovery, plugin located peers…). Trackers support two protocols, TCP (i.e. HTTP(S)) and UDP. Currently the UDP protocol can be controlled - this change introduces control over TCP in a similar fashion.

This allows you to configure Vuze to only get peers from the DHT (disable TCP and UDP protocols) if desired.

Note that private torrents only permit peers from trackers, so disabling both protocols will prevent private torrents from downloading.

Table View changes:

  • PGUP/PGDN have been tweaked to partially visible rows are visible after keypress.
  • Clicking the up/down on the scrollbar moves exactly one row

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4713 B10

Two new optional columns have been added to the Files View (you get here by right-clicking on a download, selecting ‘Show Details’ and then selecting the Files tab)

File Index: Files are ordered within a torrent file and this displays their position. This can be used to give a definitive file ordering - using the existing ‘First Piece Number’ column breaks when there are multiple files in a given piece.

Torrent Path: Each file in a torrent has a named fixed within the torrent file. It is however possible to locally rename a file and also move it into a different directory (see the highlighted row above). The existing ‘Name’ and ‘Path’ columns show the renamed file - this column gives visibility to the underlying name in the torrent.

Accelerators have been added for ‘pause’ and ‘resume’ on Windows, and ‘resume’ on OSX:

OSX already had Cmd+. defined for ‘pause’ so Cmd+Shift+. has been used for ‘resume’.

This is from two ideas: OSX Windows

As a side note, ‘pause’ is a cumulative command. It will pause all running downloads. If downloads are subsequently added these will run as usual - they can be added to the paused set by selecting ‘pause’ again. ‘resume’ resumes all paused downloads.

The UI for creating a torrent has been improved to support directory structures and more drag and drop goodness.

4713 B09

Initial implementation of this idea to extend the torrent creation wizard to allow torrents to be created from arbitrary files/directories.

*note the interface may change somewhat, this is an initial release to get some testing and feedback*

A third option has been added to the wizard to select this mode:

You can then drag+drop the files and directories you want in the torrent onto the wizard:

If there is more than one thing in the torrent you need to specify the name of the container that the items will logically be put into.

Currently there is no way to remove a file, you need to hit the ‘back’ button and restart. Also it isn’t possible to rename the items added, although again this can be added if people want the option.

You will want to seed this torrent (not much point in creating it otherwise) - either select the ‘seed’ option in the wizard

or if you add it to Vuze manually later make sure you add it for seeding.

Some users have been having issues when adding files to devices caused by the device’s storage location being full or invalid - the operation failed silently! Such errors have now been made visible in the same way that other device issues are reported - a warning triangle is shown, with a tooltip giving details (or right-click on the device to show its properties, the error is shown there too):

You can always change your default device storage location via 


As always report issues via our forums or drop into our IRC channel #azureus on (or use their webchat)


We set up a voting system for you to tell us your ideas for our client.  Please visit it at  

We will be announcing this service on our main blog in the next few days, so if you want to get in early on voting and idea writing, here’s your chance!

Go Vote Now!

4713 B08

  • A few snapshots ago the ‘move on complete’ behavior of a download was changed so that the file copying process didn’t block other download’s activity. A few bugs have been fixed in this area with B08. Also, a visual indication of the progress of the file copy has been added to give some welcome feedback to this process:


  • Fixed a table view case where you are unable to scroll all the way to the the last row after a row is expanded, un-expanded, then removed.
  • "Vuze" Sidebar entry can now be rolled-up


As always report issues via our forums or drop into our IRC channel #azureus on (or use their webchat)

Installer Changes

With every release we do, we invariably get a few users who swear they did not choose to install a toolbar or offer, but end up having the offer installed.  Issues like these are very hard to reproduce from our end.  There’s two possible causes for this:

  1. The user didn’t uncheck all the checkboxes for the offer
  2. There is an actual bug

The vast majority of the time, it ends up being issue #1.  The remaining times, the user is just too frustrated to help us debug the problem (I don’t blame them).  So we are left with an un-reproducible potential bug that possibly installs things without the user’s consent.

To combat both these problems, we’ve spent the last few weeks updating our installer.  We use install4j as our installer, and have been using v4 of it for ages and ages. The last update of v4 was over 2 years ago!  We finally updated to v5 this month, and with that comes a lot of behind the scenes improvements and fixes.

We are also trying out a new method to offer the toolbar.  Instead of three checkboxes, you are now presented with the offer, along with a clearly labelled “Accept and Install” button and a “Decline” button.  Neither are selected by default, so you can’t accidentally press space or enter and get the offer.

Switching to v5 made us restructure most of our installer code.  We went through every screen and made sure that there was no way an offer could be installed without you pressing the accept button.

In addition to the restructure, we added two new features:

1. Option to remove old config

In case you are re-installing and want a fresh start, you can now remove your old configuration:

2. 64 bit installation on OSX

We now detect if you are using OSX on a Intel 32 bit, Intel 64 bit, or PPC machine and install the appropriate components.

4713 B07

Remote Connection Status

Its always good to know about remote connections to Vuze (by this we mean Vuze Web UI style remote access, not peer-to-peer connections) - an icon has been added to the status bar that shows this:


If it is continually gray then there are no active connections. It flashes green when a remote request is received by Vuze; red means that an authentication failure has occurred. Hover over it to get a tooltip showing details of all recent connections. The example above shows that Vuze Web Remote is connected and has sent a request very recently. It also shows that an attempt to access a local RSS feed failed around 20 minutes ago.

There is a right-click menu to hide the icon - this can be re-enabled via Tools->Options->Connection->Pairing


Fixed two color issues.

  1. Table Headers now use system background (fading widget background) and text color
  2. IP Filter on status bar now obeys system colors

As always report issues via our forums or drop into our IRC channel #azureus on (or use their webchat)